Please speak to our business engagement expert about advice of any funding - Alex Weir at GRA on 0141 781 2000.

Please use this as a guide only, we cannot guarantee grant acceptance from any funding source.

Business advice from Glasgow City Council (

Business Development Review and Internet Marketing Check

An independent expert will examine your business and produce a report on it. The first one is a general report but the important bit is it tells you were you are likely to get further funding and make recommendations for future growth. The second focuses on the selling products on the Internet. This is the one we would recommend to our clients.

Early Response

It is a similar scheme to the Business Development Review but is more financial as it's aimed at helping businesses survive the current downturn.

Contact : Christine Gardiner (GRA or 0141 287 7263).

Supplier Development Programme

Help and advice for supplying the public sector.  It's a programme run by Local Authority Economic Development and Corporate Procurement.

Contact : Lindsey McCready (GRA or see website).

Funding from Glasgow City Council.(

There is several ways to get funding from GCC for established businesses and new starts The Council wants to get people employed and trained and they see small and medium enterprises (they call them SMEs) as a key element. All GCC grants are subject to various rules the company is based in Glasgow. See the website for details.

Skills and Business Growth

Up to 50% grants (match funded - they pay what you pay) towards staff training. Any training that you can show helps your business.  Like half of the cost of any training that we at Media Solutions provides.

Contact : David Urqhhart (GRA or 0141 287 7259).

Glasgow4Business Fund

This fund offers up to £5,000 to 'support business sustainability'. This is on a Match Funding basis. Most importantly for our Clients, this grant covers ICT Infrastructure (that's the hardware) and other 'capital expenditure' (that will cover our costs). Remember that this is on a Match Funding basis, where you must pay at least half the total amount. Also you must agree to trade for at least a year after you are given the money.

Contract : Robert Andrew (GRA or 0141 287 7250).

Commonwealth Jobs Fund

To encourage businesses to employ local people, the Council will pay £6500 (or half) the first year's pay for a new start.

Contact : GRA or 0141 204 8327.

Commonwealth Apprenticeship Initiative

The Council "may offer financial incentive" for providing apprenticeship places.

Contact : GRA or 0141 204 8327.

Small Business Loan Fund

The Glasgow Business Loan Fund as part of the West of Scotland Loan Fund (see below) offers small businesses an opportunity to access gap funding of up to £30,000 for new start businesses and £50,000 for existing businesses.

Contact : GRA or 0141 204 8327.


Other Funding

West of Scotland Loan Fund

Funding up to £50,000 for established businesses and up to £30,000 for new starts ups. Covers anything in a sound business proposal.

Remember this is a LOAN so they will want the money back. And there may be penalties if you don't.

 Contract : Robert Andrew (GRA or 0141 287 7250).

ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT IN GLASGOW'S COMMUNITIES : 2011-2014 : BASIS (Business Assistance Scheme Including Support)

Amount of Financial Support



This Financial Support will contribute to specific Ecommerce (and other) costs.

For Ecommerce Costs, clients must have an agreed Ecommerce Action Plan and only costs which are clearly identified within the action plan will be eligible for financial assistance through BASIS.

Eligible costs for E Commerce Financial Support include:

  • Website design
  • Website redevelopment
  • Domain name purchase
  • Hosting
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Online payment scheme/internet merchant accounts
  • Online store development
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Automated emails
  • Online promotion e.g. adverts on yell.corn
  • Software packages which are specifically needed to undertake e-commerce
  • Broadband connection


There is more but that's the relevant stuff.

Contact : Alex Weir on 0141 781 2038.